What Is The Value In Hiring A Lawyer To Send A Letter Of Demand?

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Sending a letter of demand with a law firm’s letterhead signals to the adverse party that you mean business since you are willing to spend the money to engage a lawyer.

A lawyer will be able to help you filter out the important facts, events and documents that need to be included in a Letter of Demand. This is essentially the first draft of the legal document known as the Statement of Claim which you will need to file if you start a lawsuit.

The letter of demand will state clearly the basis of your legal claim, what you are demanding from the adverse party and the deadline by which the adverse party has to comply with your demand.

Even if the adverse party decides to not respond to the letter of demand, it is essential to document the demand and to let the stipulated deadline lapse. This is critical evidence that the adverse party had an opportunity to fulfil his obligation to you, but chose to breach his obligation to you nonetheless.

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