Singapore Civil Litigation Articles


What Is An Affidavit?

An affidavit is a document by which a person provides information and documents relevant to the legal matter to the court.

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What Is The Pre-Trial Conference For?

The Pre-Trial Conference is convened by the court for the judge to get updates on the progress of the civil lawsuit from the lawyers.

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What Is A Writ Of Seizure And Sale (Movable Property)?

If the Judgement Debtor is known to own any goods/ movable assets in Singapore, you may apply to Court for Writ of Seizure and Sale order authorising the Bailiff to seize and sell by auction these goods/ movable assets owned by the debtor.

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What Is A Judgment By Consent?

When parties to a lawsuit are able to agree to terms on which to settle the lawsuit, the settlement terms are then recorded in a judgment by consent.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using A Garnishee Order?

A garnishee order can be used to recover the money owed to you from the judgment debtor’s bank account.

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What Is A Garnishee Order?

A garnishee order is an order made by the court which allows you to recover the money owed to you by a judgment debtor.

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What Is An Offer To Settle?

If the offer to settle is accepted, the action is typically discontinued and both parties to the lawsuit save on legal costs.

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What Is A Cause Of Action?

| A cause of action consists of the facts which entitle you to obtain a remedy in court against another person.

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What Is The Process Called Examination Of Judgment Debtor For?

You will need certain vital information for you to get to the adverse party’s money.

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How Many Civil Litigation Matters Proceed All The Way To Trial?

Most civil litigation matters are settled before the matter is heard before a judge at trial.

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